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The Inglorious Cats are two dynamic Sphynx cat brothers in Northern California living the good life. They all have very different personalities, but they are all ingloriously awesome. Even though they have always been inglorious, they stormed the internet making their awesome life public throughout Instagram and Twitter.

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our Team

The Faces That Make It Happen


The Patroller
Fetcher, growler, provider, dog impersonator.
Born: Aug 2011 Springfield, MO


Le Push
King of licks, alpha kitten, talkative, lion cub.
Born: Feb 2014 Douglas, GA


The Gentleman
Sophisticated, Kind, Sweet, Affectionate
Born: Oct 2006 Farr West, UT
Passed: Feb 2016

the Inglorious FAQ

All cats by nature, can be Inglorious Cats. We have no special powers, no super feline abilities, and no particular fame. We just do the best with what we have, and live each day to the fullest with our unique attitudes.

The original IngloriousCats are three Sphynx hairless cats living in California.

Firstly, you’ll want to be of the feline persuasion. If that’s a show stopper for you, consider becoming a fine upstanding member of the community by sharing your home with a cat or two.

We’ll keep you posted on how you can join us, the inglorious ones, but for now, hit us up on instagram or twitter

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Life At The Inglorious Headquarters

Sphynx Cat MMA
Sphynx Cat Plays Fetch
Winking Sphynx Cat