Where Inglorious Cats Converge

Bio About the Owner

I am an artist who loves to create and express myself. I like to travel and get to know new places, new people and learn new things. I am obviously a cat lover, a plant fanatic (specially cacti) and a enthusiastic yogini. I’m addicted to tea, specially if it’s paired with good company and interesting conversations. I also like to spend my time reading interesting books, getting inspired with stories and places I’ve been, I have a habit of listening to music while designing, of course all this if I’m not being interrupted by the inglorious ones.

In a more professional context, I have a degree in Photographic and Liberal Arts from DeAnza College, where I furthered my passion for photography and creative arts. I broadened my appreciation and growth as an artist by embracing the rapid changes and trends in the art industry.

Subsequently, I received a B.A. in Graphic Design with a Minor in Photography from San Jose State University. I have experience with a diverse array of media, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, WordPress, oil painting, digital film, sculpture, ceramics, glass blowing, casting, and screen printing.

My current interests include illustration, marketing collateral, graphics design, logos, icons. If you want to know more about me or have a shared interest, ping me on the contact page.